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Platform Beta-test is finished!

Dear BtcFury investors! Finally we’re glad to inform you about the official finish of BtcFury Beta-test mode. We have kept this status until now because that was very important for us to see how the system will function under a huge load from our investors from all over the world. Now we became sure the everything works perfect, and we put the platform into regular working mode. Thanks to everybody for staying with us! We really appreciate your patience and understanding. Welcome to BtcFury Investments!

Bounty Program Launched

Dear investors! The long-awaited Bounty program is now active at! Start earning additional bonuses and claim the $500 super prize! Find the link in your dashboard menu. Enjoy huge profits with!

Halal deposits now available!

Dear friends! We have finished the Halal deposit mode Beta-test and now we invite our investors professing Islam to officially switch their deposits to Halal! This option you will find in your settings section («Settings» button on Dashboard), in the very bottom of the page. We understand how important it is for our investors to have a special (halal) financial plan that would allow sharing not only profits, but also risks between the participants of this plan (when one gives, and the other takes funds - "Mudharabah"), or when both / several give (“Musharakah”). Sharia rules suggest that Muslims should build business relationships on an equal footing. A Muslim investor can invest in a business project only as a co-owner, sharing the risk of possible losses with other participants. Read more about Halal on the following page - Enjoy your profit from BtcFury!

New language versions have been released!

Dear investors! 4 new language versions have been added to the BtcFury platform! Now you can enjoy such popular languages as Urdu, Thai, Portuguese and Russian, along with the new chats:
Telegram Thai -
Telegram Russian -
Telegram Portuguese -
WhatsApp Pakistan -

Regional Representatives Program launched!

Dear Sirs! We’re glad to announce that we have finished the Regional Representative Program Beta-test and have officially launched it! If you have reached more than 25 financially active partners in your structure with a total turnover of the structure of at least $10 000, you’re welcome to send your applications to [email protected] with the message subject "Regional Representative". You’ll also have to provide the following information: - Your country; - Your contact information for investors (email, telegram, phone number maybe); This info will be published on our Regional Representative List on the website. We’d like to say many thanks to these partners who took part in the test helping us to find and fix the bugs! Dear Sirs, as we have agreed, you can be switched to the Representatives on the special conditions: 25 financially active partners + $1 000 total turnover of your partners. Please, send your applications. More information on the Regional Representative Program you will find on the following page - Thank you for your good results dear partners!

Urdu version launch

Great news, friends! The Urdu language has been added to the platform! We invite investors from India and Pakistan to switch their websites to their native language! We also remind you that we have just launched a WhatsApp chat for our Urdu-speaking investors - Enjoy earning with BtcFury Sirs!

Vietnamese version launch

Dear investors! The Vietnamese language has been added to the website! At BtcFury we’re open to investors from all over the world. And we’re trying to get closer to our investors by launching various language versions on our website. In the year of 2019 we’re planning to add at least 10 world popular languages. If you’re a big player and you are sure that the platform translation into your native language may be interesting for us, you’re welcome to share your ideas. And welcome dear Vietnamese speaking investors! Chào mừng bạn!

Welcome to BtcFury!

Dear friends, investors, partners, In BIG TECH FURY group of companies we are pleased to announce the official opening of the new service line such as microinvestment. And we congratulate all of us on the long-awaited launch of the investment platform. Today there is the last small victory in a long chain of achievements that led us to the realization of one big and daring plan. Indeed, before the project proved its viability and became available to a wide range of users, we've passed a long way including the Beta-test by a closed group of partners. It has given us an excellent understanding of the modern investors' needs and became the basis for the platform development plan for the next 10 years. Even more we have to pass ahead: the launch of at least 8 language versions, the grand opening of three new offices in the most promising places of our planet, the launch of the regional representatives and bounty programs, for those who love complex challenges, and much more. And these are our plans for only several coming months! We're deeply convinced that we are making a significant contribution into the development of modern society, because we're one of the few companies that are changing the current fintech industry, meeting the needs of modern investors. The history of our company, our values ​​and mission are summarized in the “About” section. Welcome to the platform, friends!

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