1.1. According to the Mudharabah agreement, the client-investor (Rabb-ul-mal), provides capital (in electronic payment systems and cryptocurrencies) to the management site (Mudharib) - BtcFury.IO, and the income from joint investment activities are divided in pre-agreed proportion proportions in a ratio of 70/30.

1.2. The income received from investments is calculated from the profit taking into account the losses incurred and is dynamic, that is, depending on the market situation, the crypto-currencies and the peculiarities of the trading activity of the Mudharib. Algorithm, methods of conducting trading activity and statistics of profit making are a commercial secret and are not subject to disclosure.

1.3. Under this agreement, the investor (Rabb-ul-mal) is obliged not to interfere with the current activities of the Mudharib in the execution of the contract, limited to monitoring and consultation.

1.4. The investor (Rabb-ul-mal) has the right to receive in the agreed proportions (70/30) the profit within the terms established by the general rules for using the program, as well as early demand from the Mudharib to return the deposit, minus the risks and losses incurred.

1.5. Mudharib is obligated to take all necessary efforts to achieve the goal of the investment agreement - to maximize profits, as well as to maintain full control over the quality of the business project being implemented in order to comply with the necessary requirements of the Shariah standards and the terms of the agreement.

1.6. The distribution of profits is carried out on the basis that the profits of each of the parties to the agreement are determined in the ratio (70/30) of the profit received by the Mudharib in the course of using the funds provided by the investor (Rabb-ul-mal).

1.7. In the event that, as a result of the implementation of this investment agreement, the Mudharib not only did not make a profit, but also received losses, the investor (Rabb-ul-mal) incurs losses in the amount of the given amount of money, and the Mudharib in that case does not receive remuneration for his work.

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