We make sure that everyone has equal access to capital and methods of enrichment. To do this, we opened a micro-investment program, which is aimed at private investors, who, during rapid changes, realize that the only way to earn wealth during a crisis is to grow faster than it. Unlike many closed, not completely transparent programs, we explicitly declare our state of affairs before our investors.

Due to the large spread of profit over a period of time, we cannot provide a fixed interest rate to our investors. But one thing we can say for sure: we are at a stage of rapid growth. Therefore, the profit we are willing to share with investors ranges from 3.84% to 5.1% per day.

To make sure that profits are distributed evenly among investors and correspond to the company's income, we have developed an algorithm for dynamic redistribution of profits, which continuously calculates the interest rate at least every 7 minutes. Such openness and attention to details became one of the reasons of our success in countries professing Islam that does not tolerate even the most minor inaccuracies.

Where do we get profit from?

Our profit is formed from the commission deductions that we make for our customers around the world. Despite the narrow circle of our clients, we are constantly growing, and the current number of transactions ranges from 20-60 transactions per hour. According to the result of each transaction, the algorithm automatically recalculates the profits of investors, and the smart contract distributes it depending on the amount of the investment.

Despite the relatively low commission that we charge our clients during the day, our profits are very high.

Why do we attract investment?

It's no secret that the financial transaction market is one of the most attractive from the point of view of doing business. However, to maintain the quality of services, we need a large turnover. Due to the immaturity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem market, we cannot rely on electronic exchange sites and cryptocurrency exchanges. The constantly flashing news in the media, saying that customers often face problems of returning funds from such exchangers, is a direct confirmation of this. In addition, these organizations can not provide us with the proper volume and speed. Therefore, we decided to open an investment program that will expand our opportunities on the one hand, and on the other, we will slightly improve the distribution of funds in society for the better.

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