Most of our user's questions are listed here!

  • Should I have a deposit on the platform to participate in the affiliate program?

    No, it's not an obligatory condition. We give all talented partners the chance to build their structure from a scratch.

  • How many levels does the affiliate program have?

    Our affiliate program has just one level. This means that you will receive a commission only from the deposits of your directly attracted partners.

  • How much commissions will I get and when will they come to my account?

    Affiliate commission for the "standard" affiliate level is 12% and it is paid by equal parts of 0.4% daily during 30 days.
    If your partner makes first deposit within 24 hours after registration you will get your commission in 10 minutes after deposit transaction confirmation. If deposit was made more than 24 hours after registration - you will get the commission within 24 hours after deposit transaction confirmation.
    Affiliate Commissions are calculated only once per 24 hours. The commission amount is calculated on the base of partner's deposit transactions on the moment of the calculation. This means that if your partner maid several deposits during 24 hours - you will get one Affiliate Commission which will take into consideration all deposit transactions during these 24 hours.

  • How can I get my affiliate profit?

    You don't need to take any additional steps to receive commissions from the affiliate program, it is already included in your balance available for withdrawal. This means that affiliate earnings are automatically added to the balance available for withdrawal immediately, after each affiliate transaction.

  • Where can I see the information about my partners?

    In the section “Affiliate program” on the Dashboard you will find:
    A list of your current partners,
    The list of partner commissions received from the deposits of your partners,
    Promotional materials: banners and stickers for Telegram and Whatsapp.

  • A partner invited by me has registered under a different upline

    This happens if the user has already clicked on someone else’s affiliate links, and the information about the first link has been recorded in the browser’s cookie. We do not provide a replacement of the upline partners, so be careful and keep in mind the following information:
    In order to register in your structure, your potential partner must indicate your personal affiliate code in the registration form, in the Affiliate Code field.
    If you have doubts about the registration of any of your partners, you can tell us the email address of the necessary person, and we will check in whose structure he/she is registered.

  • What is my affiliate code

    Affiliate code is used to attract new users to our program. When user visits our website using your affiliate link, this visit is recorded in user's browser cookies and after registration it will be added to your structure. Affiliate Code can be used directly in the registration form - when user enter your Affiliate Code in the corresponding field of the registration form - it automatically is placed into your structure.

  • Where to find an affiliate link or code?

    You can find your Affiliate Code and your Affiliate Link in the Affiliate program area, available when click the "Affiliate" button on the Dashboard.

  • How to change an upline partner?

    Such feature is currently unavailable on the platform.

  • What is that gift box near my deposit?

    This is your bonus.

  • Where does my bonus come from?

    There are several ways of bonus appearing on user's account. The first is our current bonus promotion: all deposit operations above minimal amount give 5% bonus. And the second is our Bounty Program.

  • How can I use my bonus?

    Bonus is used to increase your daily profit. This means that your daily profit comes not only from your deposit, but bonus amount is added to your deposit during the profit calculations.

  • Can I withdraw my bonus?

    Bonus cannot be withdrawn, it is used in profit calculations only.

  • Why did my bonus disappear?

    If you withdraw any part of your deposit, whole bonus will be written off.

  • How long does it take to receive a bounty bonus?

    The bonus will be charged not later than in 48 business hours

  • How can I find the link which I have to share?

    Click on your publication date (the one you have in your timeline after sharing), then copy the link from your browser address line

  • Why my bounty bonus has been charged off?

    The publication should not be deleted. If the publication is deleted or hidden - all earned bonus funds will be deleted from your bonus account. The other case when the bonus is written off completely is if you withdraw any part of your deposit.

  • Can I get bounty bonus in currency different to this specified in the task description?

    No, this is impossible

  • What currencies and electronic payment systems are available for investment on the platform?

    Currently the following currencies are available on the platform: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and the following EPS: Perfect Money USD, Payeer USD.

  • What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?

    Minimum investment amount depends on the currency you’re using for the investments: - in cryptocurrency is 0.00500000 BTC, 0.03000000 ETH, 0.10000000 LTC, 0.10000000 Dash; - for dollar deposits in PerfectMoney / Payeer it is 5.00 USD; Maximum investment amount is not regulated by the system.

  • How to create a deposit?

    To create a deposit, register on our website and open your personal account. Next go to the upper left corner of the Dashboard and click the green “Create Deposit” button, then select the currency you need and follow the instructions of our system in a new window.
    When create a deposit in cryptocurrency, our platform will generate a personal wallet address to which you will need to send your funds. The amount that you send to the generated address will be credited to your deposit on the platform after 2 confirmations from the cryptocurrency network.
    To create a deposit in PerfectMoney or Payeer payment systems, you should enter the desired deposit amount in USD, then click on the “Create Deposit” button and transfer funds using the selected payment system. The payment will be credited to your account immediately after its processing by an electronic payment system. Please note that the required amount for the funds transferred must not be lower than the minimum deposit amount indicated in this window!

  • Can I increase my deposit?

    Sure. You can increase your deposit anytime with any amount (even below the minimal deposit amount) - it will be added to your total deposit amount. The main requirement that your total deposit should be not less than the minimal deposit amount - only in this case you will earn profit. Increasing deposit procedure is just the same as making your first deposit.

  • Can I send Ethereum with Smart Contract transaction?

    Our system does not support Ethereum transactions made via Smart Contracts. Our Ethereum deposit addresses are only capable of receiving direct transactions. That's why such transactions cannot be processed automatically. Please avoid sending smart contract transactions.

  • How long will I receive profit from my deposit?

    The deposit is lifetime, this means that you will continue to get profit exactly until you withdraw your deposit. Moreover, the withdrawal of the deposit is possible at any time.

  • Can I have several deposits in different currencies at the same time?

    Yes, sure. You can have deposits in all currencies supported by our system at the same time. All calculations are performed by each currency separately.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    Minimal deposit withdrawal amounts:
    0.00050000 BTC
    0.01000000 DASH
    0.00500000 ETH
    0.01000000 LTC
    1.00 PerfectMoney USD
    1.00 Payeer USD

    Minimal profit withdrawal amounts:
    0.00050000 BTC
    0.01000000 DASH
    0.00500000 ETH
    0.01000000 LTC
    0.10 PerfectMoney USD
    0.10 Payeer USD

  • How to make a withdrawal of profits?

    On the Dashboard click the “Withdraw profit” button and select the necessary currency.

  • How can I withdraw a deposit?

    A deposit withdrawal both in cryptocurrency and electronic currency (PerfectMoney and Payeer wallets) can be made at any time when the user deems it necessary. To make a deposit withdrawal operation click the "Withdraw deposit" button on your Dashboard and follow the system instructions.
    Please remember that withdrawal any part of your deposit will write off your bonus completely.

  • What is the commission for withdrawing funds from the platform?

    We do not charge any fees for withdrawing profits from the BtcFury platform. However, please note that each electronic payment system has its own fee charged for transferring funds. We only charge a fee for the withdrawal of the deposit and it is 5% of its amount.

  • Where to specify the address of my personal wallet for funds withdrawal?

    To set up or update your wallet address in cryptocurrency or in the electronic payment system PerfectMoney/Payeer, click the “Settings” button on the Dashboard menu. On right you will see the “Wallet settings” block. Just fill the corresponding field with your wallet number or withdrawal address and click the “Save wallet settings” button.

  • Can I use my deposit address as my withdrawal address?

    You should never use your deposit address as your withdrawal address since such payments cannot be processed automatically and might be lost. Please use appropriate reinvestment feature when it will be available. Please always use your own wallet/address as your withdrawal requisites.

  • How can I reinvest my profit?

    In order to reinvest your funds, use the “Reinvest” button on the Dashboard. We would also like to remind you that in order to carry out a reinvestment operation, the amount available for withdrawal should not be less than the minimum deposit size, and you should not have reinvestment operations or withdrawals within the previous 12 hours.

  • How long does it take to withdraw funds from the BtcFury platform?

    Withdrawals are carried out manually from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 GMT, approximately several times per hour. On weekends, applications are processed from 9:00 to 18:00 GMT approximately once every 5 hours. The maximum withdrawal term is no more than 72 hours from the moment of creation of such an order, except in the case of additional security checks and verification.

  • How often can I make withdrawal requests?

    To avoid SPAMming our payment system our program added several withdrawal orders limitations. You cannot create more than one withdrawal request per minute. You cannot create more than 15 withdrawal requests per 24 hours. You cannot have more than 4 pending withdrawal requests.

  • What is the difference between halal and regular deposit mode?

    - the calculation is carried out in shares in proportion 70/30 (70 to the investor, 30 to the company), of which both profit and expenses with risks are also divided proportionally in the same ratio; therefore, the average amount of earnings ranges from 1/25 to 1/20;
    - Profit calculation (income minus expenses / losses) is made on the basis of an already closed deal, online;
    - transactions are conducted only with those partners that are not related to the haraam business - alcohol, casino, weapons, etc.;
    - losses and expenses are calculated only after the fact, and they fall on both sides of the business - that is, on the platform and on the investor;
    - calculation is carried out in percentage;
    - the calculation of profit is made forward looking abased on the previous statistics for a certain period;
    - transactions are conducted with any counterparties
    - future costs and losses are borne mainly by the platform, since it is very difficult to predict them;

  • Where does BtcFury get profit from?

    Our profit is formed from commission deductions of financial transactions that we carry out for our clients around the world. Despite the narrow circle of our clients, we are constantly growing, and the current number of transactions ranges between 20-60 transactions per hour. According to the result of each transaction, our special algorithm automatically recalculates the investors' profits, and the smart contract distributes it depending on the amount of the investment. Despite the relatively low commission, our daily profit is very high due to solid turnover.

  • Why did we open the microinvestment opportunity?

    It's not a secret that the financial transaction market is one of the most attractive from the point of view of doing business. However, to maintain the quality of services, we need a stable and sufficient reserve. Due to the immaturity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem market, we cannot rely on electronic exchange platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges. The best confirmation is the constantly flashing news about the customers suffering from problems of returning funds from such exchangers. In addition, these organizations can not provide us with the proper volume and speed. Therefore, we decided to open an investment program that will expand our opportunities on the one hand, and on the other hand, will improve the distribution of funds in society for the better.

  • How to become an investor?

    You will automatically become our investor when you make a minimum deposit in any available currency on our platform. Investing involves the process when you deposit a certain amount of funds (the minimum amount depends on investment currency and can be found on the Investments page), and then receive a dynamic profit in the amount from 3.84% up to 5.1% per day, of your deposit size. The profit will be accrued to your account until you withdraw your deposit body (this operation is also available at any time).

  • What do we do when our daily profit allows us to pay a higher percentage than we have specified in the conditions?

    We round the percentage to the daily maximum specified in the conditions. The balance of the funds received is distributed as follows: 50% of the profit received is the company's profit, the remaining 50% is transferred to our reserve fund. These funds are used by us in cases when the profit from transactions is less than the total amount required for payments to investors.

  • How long will the project work?

    During the 6 months before its official start, the project passed a Beta-testing by a closed group of investors, thereby demonstrating its very 100% viability and high payback. According to our calculations, we need up to 5 years of project work to implement our business plan, the main goals of which you can see in our timeline. If the project is approved and supported by a wider range of investors for whom it is open now, it will work as long as investors have a demand for it, which is quite logical in our opinion.

  • What are your business hours?

    Our support service is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 GMT. During business hours, the support service usually responds within 15-30 minutes, but during an overload, the response time can increase up to 24 hours.

  • I have a problem, how to solve it the fastest?

    Technical support is carried out by only opening a ticket in the system, or by sending a letter to our email address [email protected] We understand how convenient it is when technical support is carried out in social networks and instant messaging chat rooms, however, for security reasons, we are forced to abandon these types of technical support.

  • How to create an account?

    To register an account, click the “Login / Register” button in the upper right corner of the website. Next you will come to the authorization window. On the right part of the window, click on the “Create a new account” button. Then enter the details of your future profile in the appropriate fields of the registration form and click the “Register account” button.
    A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
    Follow the link indicated in the letter to complete the registration.
    We pay your close attention to the need to separately save the secret login in the "bfu******" format, since you will need it for further authorization on our platform.

  • How to delete an account?

    Just create a ticket notifying us about the termination of use of our service.

  • How to change the password?

    To change the password, click the “Settings” button on the Dashboard. There you will see the “Change password” block in the lower right corner. Just enter your current password, then your new password, and its confirmation, and click the “Change password” button.

  • How to recover a password?

    If you forgot your username or password, please, use the password recovery function.
    If you have lost access to your email address used to register the BtcFury account, and cannot recover the password, please contact us at this email address [email protected], stating your login in "bfu******" format, and the email that has been used to register the account.

  • I can not log into the account - the password or login is not correct

    To log in, please use your secret login (it looks like this: bfu ******).
    Make sure that there are no spaces or any other unreadable characters at the beginning / end of your login and password, especially when you copy / paste them from somewhere.
    DO NOT use your browser’s “Save password” feature.
    If you forget your username or password - you can always use the password recovery function.

  • I did not receive a confirmation email

    Please make sure that the letter didn't get into the SPAM folder or any other folders that are in your inbox.
    If you still did not find the letter, please contact us at this email address [email protected] In your message please indicate your email, used to register an account where you did not receive a confirmation letter. We will check this information in the system and send you a second confirmation letter.

  • The site does not load well, the information is displayed incorrectly

    If you have problems using our system, please try one of the following solutions:
    Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, refresh the page several times and then, having waited for it to load, try the operation again;
    Try a different browser;
    Disable all the AdBlocks in your browser;
    If you are convinced that none of the reasons above can be your problem, please create a ticket in the system, indicating your email and login. Then describe your problem in detail and at what stage it arises. You are welcome to add screenshots as well.

  • How to install 2FA authentication?

    To enable 2FA for your account, simply click the “Settings” button on the Dashboard. In the lower right corner you will see the “OTP Settings” block. Just enter your current password, OTP token in the appropriate fields and click on the “Activate OTP” button.

  • I made a deposit in PerfectMoney / Payeer electronic currency, but the funds were not transferred to my account on the platform

    If after 10 minutes after payment finalization and refreshing your member’s area you still cannot see the transaction, please open a ticket in the system, indicating the transaction number (Batch ID). In this way, we will be able to detect your transaction and determine if this delay is caused by a failure in our system, or it has been occurred on the electronic payment system side.

  • I made a deposit in cryptocurrency, but the funds didn't come to my account on the platform

    The most probable reason is that the transaction has not yet been processed or has not received the required number of confirmations (at least two) from the cryptocurrency network (for checking this info you can use the or other block explorer service). If you are convinced that none of the above reasons can be your problem, please create a ticket in the system, indicating your transaction details (cryptocurrency, amount, destination address and transaction ID).

  • Is it possible to register several accounts from one IP address?

    Yes, but at the same time, each user must have his/her own payment details, and it is desirable to use different devices for each account. According to our terms of use, in case of finding multiple accounts connected by partnerships using the same IP address / device, we can request verification of accounts.

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