The world is changing fast. Technologies are becoming more sophisticated and accessible, and this makes life easier for people in all areas of life, and the the financial one is no exception. Financial accounting becomes more transparent, thanks to distributed data storage systems (for example, Blockchain). Money transfers occur several times faster, most banking operations can be carried out from the mobile phone interface without leaving your home. But the problem is that the technological basis in our time is changing very quickly, and the cultural superstructure does not keep up with these changes. It comes to social structure and the relationship between the different social units. At the same time, on the background of all the technological progress, the officials are still corrupt, bank employees helps launder drug cartels, and hackers are always smarter and faster than e-security employees of large and sluggish financial corporations. In such circumstances, even an impressive capital does not guarantee simple, and most importantly - secure transactions.

Still, wire transfers are much cheaper, faster and more reliable than any alternatives. The only problem is to make this procedure quick and painless for those who need it. With all the abundance of services in the market of remittances, none of them solves the problems of large financial transactions of individuals. Everyone understands that the existing financial institutions take too large commissions for a simple money transfer operations, they work too slowly, and most importantly, do not provide any security guarantees.

Our company has successfully occupied this niche. Utilizing a hybrid scheme of financial transactions, we combine the advantages of Blockchain technology, existing e-currency modifications, and advanced digital security systems. Such an innovative approach allows us to solve at once a number of problems of the main alternative - the traditional SWIFT-transaction. SWIFT is slow, too wide a circle of people is put to that, and they does not always inspire confidence; it has too high a cost with increasing volumes.

We carefully check all our clients, we work with a strictly limited number of people who regularly appear in the lists of FORTUNE-500, Forbes and many others. Our customers value privacy, personal attention and impeccable attention to details. Considering the specifics of our work, the main markets of our activity are countries with a high level of economic development, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, and Singapore. In accordance with the requirements of financial regulators, we conduct thorough KYC / AML expertises in order to maximally secure all parties from undesirable consequences.

We are proud that new customers constantly come to us, but the main thing is that our regular customers have long become our friends. By joining our project, you not only get a guaranteed profit from a high-tech transparent business, but also contribute to improving the eco-environment in the market of digital financial products, which in the long term will inevitably lead to an increase in the material welfare of not only our clients, but also society as a whole.

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